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Increase the solid state storage capacity of your NoSpin WordPress site 5x or more. After selecting a package below and clicking Continue, you may use the Additional SSD Storage menu on the following page to add up to 40GB to the 5GB Upgrade, enabling up to 45GB total site storage. Adding storage to the 5GB Upgrade lowers your price per GB.

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Use the Additional SSD Storage menu after clicking Continue to add up to 40GB to your 5GB Upgrade. Adding storage to the upgrade lowers the price per GB.
Term Length Price Per Term Setup Fee You Save
Monthly $4.00 $5.00 -
Quarterly $11.25 $0.00 6.25%
Semiannually $21.00 $0.00 12.50%
Annually $39.00 $0.00 18.75%
Two Years $72.00 $0.00 25.00%

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