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1. Select Package
2. Package Configuration
3. Payment Details

Select Package Type

Add FTP to your NoSpin WordPress mapped domain by specifying an account name followed by your registered domain name, separated by the @ symbol; e.g, acc·name@your·domain· in Step 2, Package Configuration. If you do not own a registered domain name, you will be given the opportunity to register one after selecting an FTP package below.

If you already own a registered domain name that you would like to use for your FTP account, enter it in the Manage a Domain Yourself text box at the bottom of the Add Domain Names page following Step 2, Package Configuration.

Select a Package

This solid state FTP package comes with 5GB storage, is upgradable to 45GB and can be custom configured to support multiple FTP accounts with different disk quotas by submitting an FTP support ticket. Include your main FTP account in Step 2, Package Configuration and select additional storage up to 40 GB. Adding storage reduces the cost per GB.

Term Length Price Per Term Setup Fee You Save
Monthly $4.00 $5.00 -
Quarterly $11.25 $0.00 6.25%
Semiannually $21.00 $0.00 12.50%
Annually $39.00 $0.00 18.75%
Two Years $72.00 $0.00 25.00%

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