Self hosted WordPress must be hosted on a Web hosting account such as cPanel. HTTP/2 and HTTPS is included with all our cPanel hosting accounts and the data transfer rate on all WordPress hosting accounts is 1000 Mbps (1Gbps). There is no specific limit placed on your number of databases, subdomains, domain aliases or FTP accounts. Each account comes with secure IMAP support and jailed shell access.

After selecting a cPanel product, you will be asked to supply a username and password for your new cPanel account. Please save your username and password in a secure location – this is your cPanel account login. Once you have supplied a username and password, you will be asked to provide a domain name to host your cPanel account. If you already own a domain name and would like it to remain at its current Registrar, enter it in the Manage a Domain Yourself text box on the Add Domain Names page.

Domain names remaining at their current Registrar; i.e, not hosted by NoSpin Web Hosting, shall need their name servers manually set to:


in order for Web browsers to locate your website on NoSpin Web Hosting.

The Domain Transfer Text Box

Submitting your existing domain name in the Domain Transfer text box on the Add Domain Names page:

  • Transfers your domain name to NoSpin Web Hosting
  • Automatically configures your name servers
  • Renews your domain name a year beyond its current expiration date