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We carry a full line of GeoTrust and Sectigo SSL certificates. Please contact us or submit a Client Portal support ticket for more information until we update this page. All new cPanel accounts are automatically provisioned a free SSL certificate from Sectigo that covers:

  • your-domain-name.tld
  • mail.your-domain-name.tld
  • www.your-domain-name.tld

and all your addon domains and aliases.

You must own a registered domain name in order to provision an SSL certificate and you must have one of the following generic Email accounts functioning on that domain in order to receive your certificate by Email:

  • admin@yourdomain.tld
  • administrator@yourdomain.tld
  • postmaster@yourdomain.tld
  • webmaster@yourdomain.tld
  • hostmaster@yourdomain.tld

where tld stands for top level domain; e.g, com, net, org, etc.

When you click the Order Now button below, you will be asked for your CSR (certificate signing request). If you have a cPanel account at NoSpin Web Hosting, you may create your own CSR within your cPanel control panel. See the cPanel SSL TSL documentation for instructions. If you are a NoSpin WordPress site administrator, or would like the support staff to create your CSR and install your SSL certificate, please submit an SSL Certificate support ticket in the Client Portal. Please include your domain name and either your cPanel account username or WordPress admin username in your SSL Certificate support ticket.

If you would like to purchase a wildcard or EV certificate, or request a quote for a particular SSL certificate not available through this interface, please submit an SSL Certificate support ticket in the Client Portal.

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